President's Message

It gives me great pleasure and honor to be identified with the association ‘that brings together the children of late comrades and those of the living. “Mbegu Za Mapinduzi” as the word suggests means “the seeds of the revolution”.

I want to congratulate you on behalf of all your parents both deceased and the living for coming together in forming a meaningful association but also for the selection of the name “Mbegu Za Mapinduzi” which reflects our efforts in liberating this country and your existence.

Our war was a peoples’ protracted struggle which brought together both armed combatants and civilians to massively support the cause to liberate Uganda and its people.

The struggle was launched to stop dictatorship by the leaders of Uganda at the time, end oppression of the people by the state, end abuse of human rights, lack of freedom, impunity, and lack of democracy and to give Ugandans a sense of belonging.

Sam Kavuma

(Maj Gen | Patron)

President MZM

About us

The Epitome Of A Legacy

Our story began at the 2020 Afrika Kwetu Trek; a walk that was organized to trace the footsteps of the National Resistance Army (NRA) in the Luwero Triangle. Upon conclusion, children of the living and deceased NRA fighters that were able to trek with the President for a period of ten (10) days; with the guidance of Maj, Gen. Sam Kavuma and Maj. Gen. Moses Rwakitarate founded MZM organization.

With the main aim of preserving the NRA/ UPDF legacy, MZM has open membership, and admits all interested sons and daughters of living and fallen soldiers of the NRA & UPDF, and ideologically oriented well-wishers recommended by the founders. Our membership today stands at 256 members.

Our Vision

Continuity and Preservation of the Legacy and gains of the National Resistance Army/UPDF through political and socioeconomic empowerment.

Our Mission

To Build a broad-based and inclusive association that serves the interests of all members and Ugandans at large, guided by the principles of Patriotism, Unity and Socio-economic transformation.

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Benjamin Disraeli

"The Legacy of Heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example."

With the main aim of preserving a legacy, MZM has an open membership and welcomes all interested sons and daughters of living and fallen soldiers of the NRA & UPDF.

MZM Events Board

Some of our Events

Annual 2020 Meeting

We held our first general meeting in early 2020 which brought together more than 30 members in what has become the MZM of today. See highlights from the first meeting here.

MZM Sports Day & Team Building

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